Friday, March 11, 2016

Winter and/or Bad Weather: Not an Excuse Not to Daygame (And I'm Guilty)

Heartbreaking news.

I didn't daygame from November through February. My rationalizations:

1) I was getting into an LTR.
2) It's cold and dark outside.
3) Most girls are hibernating with their boyfriends.
4) Most girls have exams, and/or go somewhere for the holidays.
5) Guys should take breaks the Game.

In retrospect, the above were just excuses. No, I'm still with the LTR, so that's not what's prompting that. But let's take apart the above:

1) An LTR is no reason to stop approaching. That doesn't mean you have to cheat though, if you choose for yourself not to. Instead, you can do what Krauser describes as Long Game (, but with the twist of keeping the girls in orbit in case your LTR ceases, rather than the girls' LTRs. This strategy also ensures that you at least maintain your daygaming skills, while additionally helping you with your abundance mentality within your LTR.

2) Cold and dark outside? Go to a grocery store. Preferably, that's one that girls go to, and one that is more isolating to conversation - large floor plan, tall aisles, and not too busy.

I suggest you prefer these grocery stores to malls, since malls - especially high-end ones in the West, or regular ones outside the West - tend to attract girls that are older, and/or in a relationship.

3) No denying that girls hibernate during the winter with their boyfriends. But, the flip side of that exists: the few girls who DO break up during winter may lower their standards, to get back into a cozy hibernation. On the whole, still worse than spring or fall, but not impossible.

4) Same as 3, essentially. The few girls who aren't as busy with exams or holidays will be more lonely.

5) Guys should take breaks from mindlessly pursuing the Game, but they should not let their skills completely wither away. The key is to find your own base level of approaching that maintains a comfortable skill set.

So, get out there and keep daygaming. Winter is no excuse.

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